Ran into a funny situation with rules and sub-rules (children rules?).

If you have a rule, and a sub-rule, the entire rule conditions need to be met before the sub-rule is evaluated.

But take this example:

(site) www.nlymbery.com.au/home -> (search-box on page which queries) www.nlymbery.com.au/search/service?search=text

In akamai, if you have two rules:

-> Site-Cache - match on path /home
----> Search Cache - match on path /search and match on querystring service

Your sub-rule will never evaluate. Even though someone had to visit the /home page, to the enter text into the search box. HTTP is stateless - each transaction is not aware of the next or previous transaction - so the search query to /search has absolutely no idea about the previous query to /home.

In this situation, you need to move the sub-rule up one level. Because it’s a new request, it will then be evaluated.