So - blog has been migrated off of wordpress, onto a static site config. via Jekyll hosted in a GKE kubernetes clusters (yeah, overkill, that’s for another post shortly).

As you can see, posts have been lifted-and-shifted. Was initially straight-forward using Jekyll Exporter, but did weird things like converting certain characters to unicode etc. which resulted in a bunch of powershell find-and-replacing and manual edits/verification.

All of the existing post code snippet was using a wordpress powershell javascript client, which I haven’t yet moved across so just using the default ruby code-formatter, which isn’t ideal.

Also using the default Jekyll theme until I get a better docker/k8s/GKE CI/CD pipeline going.

Still lots of things to tidy up:

  • Random special characters in some posts
  • Code formatting
  • Some titles not perfect
  • New theme
  • Think about a post search implementation
  • Validate/fix SEO etc…